Catalogue: TV - Kids / Teens

Feels So Good  


Highly strung and socially inept teenager Allan sets out on a wild adventure to secure the one thing that could finally get him off the geek list, in this hilarious coming-of-age comedy drama.

Allan is a high school loser and has a major problem: he’s a virgin with no game. After his best friend Stuart finally scores, he’s left alone with nobody but his plants, his mother and his greatest love – a salmon-colored Volvo.

Everything changes when Zack, a true ladies man and constant partier, moves in next door. It becomes clear to Zack that his true mission now is to elevate Allan from a zero to teenage Casanova. This introverted botanist will soon be forced to learn how to man up and go after what he wants, but will he be up to the task?

If there’s anything that Allan and Zack have in common, it’s a mutual lust for the sexiest girls at school: Monica and Madeline … The Lane Twins. It isn’t long before Zack devises a plan for the boys to spend a night in their hot tub in exchange for bringing them an exotic drug called “Bangkok Bliss.”

With the lure of sure thing sex with the girls of his dreams, Allan overcomes his better judgment and follows Zack’s lead as they set off on a crazy quest to procure the drugs. In the process, they’ll have to outwit mafia bosses, prostitutes and the cops across sleazy nightclubs, back alleyways and everywhere in between while being chased by high school bullies.

Zack and Allan set off on a hormonal-fuelled adventure that leads to some unexpected self-discovery, even at the expense of their safety and sanity!

Genre: Kids / Teens, Drama

Sub Genre: Teen, Coming-of-Age, Comedy

Year of Production: 2013

Running Time: 1 x 85-minutes, 4 x 22-minutes or 11 x 7-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Production Company:Vuguru Productions

Co Production Company:Pupcake Productions and Gulfstream Pictures