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The Surprise  


Mike van Diem, director of the Academy Award® winning Foreign Film Karakter, returns to the big screen with an off-beat, charming and romantic comedy, The Surprise.

Jacob’s fabulously rich mother has just died - and he is entirely unmoved.  But this is his life.  He just never feels any emotions at all. Ever. And frankly, he’s had enough. So as soon as the funeral is over, he makes arrangements to sell his expansive estate and his fleet of classic cars and then, almost casually, tries to kill himself. 

But he fails miserably - as whenever he tries to do the deed, someone interrupts him, thwarting his plans. Then by chance he finds a matchbox that directs him to a “travel agency” run by the enigmatic Mr. Jones.  It turns out that this unusual agency arranges ‘assisted’ suicides in a discreet, though often flamboyant fashion, so that a client’s death looks like an accident...

Excitedly Jacob signs up for their services. He is so completely certain of his decision that he is granted a waiver of the otherwise mandatory 3 week waiting period before the company can ‘assist’ him.  Part of the service is being able to choose the time and manner of your death, but Jacob opts for The Surprise.  He won’t know how or when it will happen, but it will be very soon!

Then he meets Anne - another client who has also opted for The Surprise. Jacob is a little confused by how much he enjoys their conversation. And so begins a wonderful friendship that turns into something more. And as each day passes, Jacob grows happier and happier with Anne and he begins to experience something highly unusual to him.  Could it be an emotion?  If only it wasn’t all about to end...

A beautiful and complex story that is at once romantic, melancholic, comical and astonishing - The Surprise is a unique film that will sweep you off your feet and ultimately - surprise you!



"Clever and fun…a truly black comedy driven by a pair of strong performances and a witty, Coen-esque style.- ROGEREBERT.COM

"The lovely, unemotional humour and surreal situations are a delight from beginning to end. The two main characters are perfectly cast, while Van Diem’s screenplay goes much deeper than the normal romantic comedy...Jan Decleir’s touching performance is the icing on the cake. You must see this movie!’" **** [FOUR STARS] - CINEMAGAZINE

"Touching, romantic, tender and subtle." - AD

"The locations are stunning and Van Diem’s shots are striking. Add Jan Decleir’s beautiful role to this and you get an outstanding film that you would love to see multiple times." - DE TELEGRAAF

"It took some time before Mike van Diem made his second film, but it was surely worth the wait." - TV KRANT

"A highly original film about life, love and death." - TROS KOMPAS

"Van Diem mixes old fashioned French like cinema romance with the surrealism of screen writer Charlie Kaufman, an outstanding production design with a sophisticated color palette.’" - DE VOLKSKRANT

"Georgina’s exceptional acting skills and Jeroen’s comic talent make The Surprise a really beautiful, fatal love story.’" - BIOSAGENDA

Genre: Theatrical, Films, Drama

Sub Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 1 x 111-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: Netherlands

Production Company:N279 Entertainment, Spinnaker Productions and FATT Productions present a Surprise Filmproductie V.O.F. Production