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Rogue Agent (aka Newcomer)  


A visceral spy thriller and the start of a compelling new character and action franchise.

Rogue Agent follows in the tradition of a young Bourne or Bond and introduces the world to a new covert operative who learns to use his quick wits and stellar intuition to beat the best in the business at their own game.

Rookie Alex Hark’s tireless determination earned him a spot on one of the most elite industrial espionage teams in the world with his mentor Daniel Frost. On his first mission Alex serves as a lookout – he must keep the street clear, but when a woman needs help into the building, he softens. Moments later, he listens over the radio as his entire team is killed. After returning to the safe house, Alex’s superiors listen to the recording of the mission and assume he is the killer.

Escaping torture, Alex finds himself on the run in a foreign country with only the recording to guide him. Finding safety, he begins to piece together what happened in that room, and an unidentified sound sends him back to the original location of the mission for answers, where he discovers that Daniel’s closest allies betrayed him, and Alex must be the one to track them down and avenge his beloved mentor.



“An ingenious genre film.” - Damon Wise, VARIETY

“What’s most impressive about ‘Newcomer’ is its commitment to realism: each new scenario is as plausible as the next.” - Damon Wise, VARIETY

“Reminiscent of those great Europe-set thrillers of the 60s and 70s.” - BRITISH BLACKLIST

“It’s seat-gripping good.” - GIRL ABOUT FILM

“A gripping drama, which has excellent direction and stellar performances from its cast.” - VIEW OF THE ARTS

"It’s a lean, taut thriller with a compelling narrative that rarely strains credibility, a joy to watch for anyone who loves the genre." - AUSTIN CHRONICLE

“A gripping drama, which has excellent direction and stellar performances from its cast” - VIEW OF THE HEARTS

“Excellent” - FLASH BANG FILM

“A spy thriller for the modern world...intelligent, with grit and wit” - VULTURE HOUND

Genre: Theatrical, Films, Drama

Sub Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Drama, Crime, Action & Thriller

Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 1 x 96-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA