Low Down

Low Down  


This biopic drama is based on Amy-Jo Albany's powerful memoir of growing up in the care of her gifted, tormented and frequently absent musician father, the jazz pianist Joe Albany.

Low Down focuses on the years 1974 to 1976 when Amy (Elle Fanning, Maleficent) had few resources other than the love of her aging grandmother (Glenn Close, Fatal Attraction).

While Joe (John Hawkes, American Gangster) struggles to find gigs, maintain his heroin addiction and stay out of jail, Amy grows up quickly in a single-room occupancy hotel on the fringes of Hollywood. There she bears witness to heartbreak and tragedy, as well as soaring joy in the jazz music that shaped her.


"A fusion of superb performances and a feel for the time" - THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

"A melancholy, evocative, beautifully made memory piece, unblinking and unromanticized, a lovely film that brings great emotion and a dead-on feeling for time, place and recaptured mood to a story that is as universal as it is personal." - LA TIMES

Genre: TV Movies, Films, Drama

Sub Genre: Music, History, Drama, Biography

Year of Production: 2014

Running Time: 1 x 115-minutes

Available in HD: Yes

Country: USA

Production Company:A Bona Fide / Epoch Films