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Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld  


Meet the villains, gangsters or ‘faces’ – as they prefer to be known – who have made headlines over the past 50 years for all the wrong reasons. The mere mention of their names has struck fear into entire communities but, despite their ruthless reputations, the faces of Britain’s most infamous criminals have remained largely unseen… until now.


Presented by best-selling true crime author and former gang member Bernard O’Mahoney, this intriguing series explores the underworld’s most notorious characters and crooks interviewed for the first time – many of whom have never appeared on camera before – to reveal shocking true stories of lives etched with danger, fear and violence.

Bernie talks to two of the Krays’ right hand men for a unique insight into the twins’ rise to notoriety and descent into madness. He meets Glasgow’s first Godfather of crime, Walter Norval and discusses the feared gangland leader Arthur Thompson with Krays’ associate ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser. Bernie visits Dennis Stafford, the Newcastle gang leader immortalized by Michael Caine in Get Carter and Salford’s ‘Mr. Big’ Paul Massey, to examine the city’s reputation as a gun capital.

As he delves deeper into the criminal fraternity, Bernie looks at the evolution in styles of crime, from protection rackets and fraud to armed robberies and the sinister drugs culture. He talks to the protagonists behind infamous crimes and discovers what may be the single most destructive force behind the demise of these legendary faces and their once strict codes of conduct. Bernie asks the faces whether the initial thrill of fast money and high rewards outweigh the decades of violence, prison sentences and loss of life caused by their actions, not to mention the heartbreak and stigma affecting those closest to them. How will they respond to the age-old question: Does Crime Pay?

Exposing a gripping history of gangland crime stretching back more than 50 years, this is the ultimate story of the faces who have ruled Britain’s criminal landscape. Some are household names, some are not as well known, but all reveal their intimate stories as they finally step forward out of the shadows.


Everyone has the right to tell their story…

The powerful and thought-provoking documentary series returns with eight more fascinating episodes.

Bernard O’Mahoney takes the helm once again as he interviews some of the most notorious ‘faces’ in recent history, taking the viewer on a brand new journey that brings the story of crime up-to-date.

The best-selling true-crime author and former Essex Boys gang member travels to Liverpool, Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin and Essex and guides us through tales of drugs, gangs, political terrorism and ultimately, consequences.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: True Story, News & Current Affairs, Entertainment, Documentary, Crime, Biography

Year of Production: 2012-2015

Running Time: Season 1: 6 x one hour ; Season 2: 8 x one hour

Available in HD: Yes

Country: UK

Production Company:A Revelation Films and Altamar Entertainment Production