Fear Of Fanny  


The strange and compelling life story of Fanny Cradock, Britain’s most infamous TV chef.

In the seventies British TV cookery was dominated by one person: the fearsome Fanny Cradock. Dressed like a drag queen and barking orders at her assistant‐cum‐husband Johnnie, Cradock terrified and delighted the nation in equal measure.

Brian Fillis’ dramatisation of Cradock’s career is based on interviews with her friends and family, and reveals the private vulnerability behind her tart public persona. Nighty Night creator Julia Davis cakes on the make‐up as Fanny; The League of Gentlemen’s Mark Gatiss dons Johnnie’s monocle.

Genre: Drama

Sub Genre: Drama, Biography

Year of Production: 2006

Running Time: 1 x 80-minutes

Country: UK