Bear with Me  


This family film tells the story of an eleven year-old girl, Emily, who is reunited with the bear cub she hand-raised when it was orphaned by bear hunters.

The bear, Masha, was released back into the wilds of the forest. Now, three years later, Emily is lost in the deep dark woods after attempting to follow her older sister on an environmental protest. After falling and knocking herself unconscious, she wakes to find her blanket is a large brown bear, and miraculously it is Masha, who has been tracking Emily as she wandered lost and alone.

Their battle for survival from malicious hunters and ferocious beasts makes for a heart-warming family adventure film featuring the magnificent locations of the Pacific Northwest.

Genre: Films

Sub Genre: Kids, Drama, Biography

Year of Production: 2000

Running Time: 1 x 95-minutes

Territories: Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada and Italy)

Country: Canada

Production Company:Chesler Perlmutter Productions